About Us
Akshaya Prakashan has been launched in 2003 with the basic purpose of publishing and distributing seminal works, ancient as well as contemporary, in the field of Indological Studies. Mr. Harish Chandra, the founder of the new publishing company, has more than 3 decades of experience in the book trade. The new company has been specifically launched to publish scholarly works broadly covering the following areas:
  • Various Dimensions of Hinduism
  • Vedic Literature
  • Buddhism
  • Indian / Oriental Philosophy (Modern and Classical)
  • Language and Literature in Sanskrit
  • New interpretation of Ancient Texts

Our publications include complete text volumes, translations (into English) of valuable ancient texts, studies and fresh interpretations of old and new works on Hinduism. The basic motto is dissemination to a wider, global audience of ideas, values, precepts etc. hidden in the vast ocean of Hindu scholarly works. We have taken up reprinting of old classics, seminal works and reference books for the future generation. Manuscripts of any kind and nature related to Buddhism and Hindu religion, culture, history, morality and teachings etc. are welcome. Doctoral dissertations in above as well as Sanskrit and Prakrit Languages and Literature would also be considered.

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