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Dharmasastra on Law and Ethics

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Author: Dr.Brajakishore Swain Year: 2019 Binding: (HB) ISBN: 9788188643691 Bibliography: 148 pp., Index, 23 cm Language: English Subject: Philosophy and Dharmasastra

About the Book

This anthology includes six papers which were published in different Research Journals. Since these are not available in book form scholars as well as researchers are not getting these in one place. In order to meet such need this attempt is taken to put these papers in a single whole.

About the Author

Professor (Dr.) Brajakishore Swain (b. 1954) teaches Dharmasastra in the Post-Graduate Department of Dharmasastra, Sri Jaganath Sanskrit University, Puri for the last twenty-four years. He is credited with twenty-five books and more than sixty research papers in Sanskrit, English, Oriya and Hindi. He is a regular columnist of newspapers in Oriya. At present he is the President, Utkal Sanskrit Research Society, Puri; General Secretary, Praci Cult Research Centre, Tulasipur, Puri; and Director, Centre of Advanced Research in Sanskrit, Sri Jagannath Sanskrit University, Puri. He edits Journal of Indology (Sri Jagannath Jyoti), Puri Orientalist and Digdarsini (Quarterly Sanskrit Journal).


1. Theory of Change in the Ancient Hindu Law; 
2. Dharmasastra in Socio-Legal Perspectives; 
3. Ethics in Sanskrit Literature; 
4. Etiquettes and Propriety in the Ramayana; 
5. The Dharmasastra and the Modern Age on Ethico-Social Value; 
6. Research Methodology.

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