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The Citizenship Amendment Act, 2019 Some Reflections

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Author: Saradindu Mukherji Year: 2021 Binding: PB ISBN: 9788188643806 Bibliography: vi+254 pages. 22 cm. Language: English Subject: Politics and Current Affairs

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India's leaders - both political and intellectual have usually failed to anticipate the shape of things to come, and a society which refuses to learn from the past can not escape disaster. The victims of religio-ethnic cleansing from Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan have been seeking shelter in India for decades.

Originally, they belong to India. They are victims of history and for no fault of theirs. The state policies of these three countries from where the persecuted people flee to India have been brought under the scanner as never before. India's troubled past over the millennium and religious demography provide the backdrop. Unfortunately, independent India's ruling class ensured that its polity, educational system and the conduct of foreign affairs usually kept the world largely apathetic and insensitive to this tragedy for purely political considerations. Based on irrefutable evidence, hereis an analysis of all those historical forces, explaining the imperative necessity of the CAA 2019, which offers a solution as never before to our refugee problem.

About the Author

Saradindu Mukherji (Ph.D. Delhi) has written on peasants' movement, freedom struggle, forced migration, foreign relations, cultural nationalism, historiography and various "controversial" issues. Currently, a Member of the Indian Council of Historical Research, he has taught Modern History at Hansraj College, Delhi University, and for some time, at Delhi University's (P.G.) North and South Campus. A Post Doctoral Research Scholar at the Department of History, Birkbeck College, University of London, a Charles Wallace Visiting Fellow at the Centre for Indian Studies, Department of Politics, University of Hull, he has been a Member of the Indian Council of Social Science Research and various academic bodies in Allahabad, Hyderabad and Kolkata.


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