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A Hermeneutic Study of Vacnamrtam

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Author: Dr. Purnima Mahipatram Dave Year: 2023 Binding: HB ISBN: 9788188643905 Bibliography: xxiv+398 pp., 3 col. Illustrations, 22 cms, bibliography Language: English Subject: Philosophy and Dharmasastra

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The text 'Vacnamrtam', a collection of dialogues contains a well-formulated Vedanta. In Indian tradition, Scripture is considered the primary source. Therefore, an extensive study of the text in hermeneutic perspective is undertaken

The book is divided in six parts. Part one comprising three chapters gives an overview of Hermeneutics from Western and Indian perspectives, and the text 'Vacnamrtam' in the hermeneutic perspective. Part II covering two chapters gives a glimpse of the life story of Sri Swaminarayana and the general history of Gujarat. Part III comprises two chapters meant for the general introduction of the text and of the compilers. Part IV covering five chapters discusses various methods employed; and beauty of the prose of the text. Part V in three chapters deals with the major topics - Epistemology, Ontology, Ethics and Religion. Part VI comprises two chapters; one chapter with reference to Hermeneutics as an ongoing process covers a comparative reading of different traditions, and in the concluding chapter, I offer my personal observations.

About the Author

Purnima M. Dave (b. 1946 Mumbai). She is an M.A. in Philosophy of the University of Mumbai. Dr. Dave joined as adjunct faculty in the Philosophy Dept. of University of Mumbai after her retirement as head of the Dept. of Philosophy in Parle College (Mumbai). She earned her doctorate in Philosophy from Mumbai University. Dr. Dave has travelled extensively. She has participated in International Conferences and seminars and presented Papers. Her papers are published in refereed Journals and books in the field.


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