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In Search of Light: Through the Lens of Vedas and Science

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Author: S.Venkataramanan Year: 2023 Binding: HB with dust jacket ISBN: 9788188643882 Bibliography: xlii+422pp.,65 col.figs., Index, 23 cms. Language: English and Sanskrit Subject: Veda and Upanisads

About the Book

From time of cognitive revolution, man was curious to understand the creation and its relationship to him. His primary goal was to be happy. He wanted to know and experience how the creation - its true light - can direct, teach, contribute and hold him to reach that goal. This untiring search for the true light, resulted in the blossoming of the thoughts enshrined in the Vedas. Vedas rested mostly on intuitive ideas, power - reinforced by faith. Over the centuries, the search also took an alternative route based on analytical and experimental discoveries, generally covered under "Science". Both are in search of the common ideals yet their approaches have been sometimes parallel and divergent on a few other occasions. The truth and basics being same, both contributed to each other knowingly or unknowingly. The search still continues. 

There are students devoted to either of the schools - Science and Vedas - and they can see commonalities in thought, method and principles. This book aims to strengthen their belief both in intuitive logic and analytics based on observation. It further explores such commonalities with an open mind, however accepting the intermediary divergences as is. 

The approach taken in this book is to keep the granules of the elements as a mixture (i.e., each maintaining its identity) and not as a alloy (losing their original properties to form a new idea itself) - leaving scope for newer developments.  

About the Author

S.Venkatramanan, born in 1948 , an Engineer by Profession , residing in Mumbai , is an early alumnus of BITS Pilani & IT Kharagpur India, a technocrat and a lifelong student & practitioner of Hinduism. He has been a Consultant on MSME development for over three decades and had worked with agencies and enterprises across India and overseas. 

He has authored two books earlier in terms of Hinduism to youngsters. This third book "In Search of Light" compares the Vedic thoughts on "Creation" with that of modern science. What is attempted here is a medley of the spiritual contents, primarily as expounded in Vedas, consisting of a pure intellectual exploration, a collection of meanings of the texts along with one's own original version on bare facts - all combined without any strain of preconceived ideas, It is presented in a near scientific perspective and style so that the youngsters may feel comfortable to read, develop and take on the principles thereafter for further deeper studies.  

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