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Kashmir: The Land of Rishis

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Author: Brig AP Singh Author: Foreword: General (Dr) VK Singh Year: 2023 Binding: HB ISBN: 9788188643950 Bibliography: xvi+161pp., 121 col. pics., 4 maps, Biblio., Index, 23 cms. Language: English Subject: History / Culture,Politics and Current Affairs

About the Book

Kashmir, or Kasperia as mentioned in Ptolemy's Geography, is an oval valley enclosed on all sides by high snow-capped mountains. At one time this was covered by a vast lake known as Satisar. Kashmir finds mention in several Puranas from ancient times as a land of great beauty and of learning, having produced famed sages like Utpaladeva, Patanjali, Panini and others. Kashmir has the unique distinction of having written geographical and historical records available, in contrast to the other regions of India. The 6th century Nilamata Purana lists specific religious sites with corroborating topographical information, and the magnum opus Rajatarangini composed by Kalhana in the 12th century CE provides the "river of kings (Parthivavali)" from around 3450 BCE.

The book also provides information about various long-forgotten ancient sites along with excellent illustrations and photographs. Furthermore, by throwing light on many lesser known natural wonders of the region, the author provides tourists with fascinating new options to explore during their visit to Kashmir.

About the Author

Brig AP Singh did his schooling at St Columbus School, New Delhi and joined the National Defence Academy, Kharakvasala. Commissioned into the Corps of Engineers of the Indian Army, he excelled in the sport of yachting where he became a National Champion and represented India in numerous international championships. He is also
an experienced ocean sailor and was a crew member on Trishna, which created history for being the first Indian sailboat to circumnavigate the globe in 1985-87. His thrust for adventure has taken him to explore new vistas after retiring from service. He now travels and photographs extensively, in India and abroad, exploring new destinations, accounts of which are published on his website( His area of interest focuses on the rich heritage of Bharat seen through its ancient architecture, monuments, and knowledge systems. His articles and papers have been published on numerous platforms; his photographs have also been published as "Special Collections". He is the editor of the strategic affairs journal AGNI published for Delhi-based think tank.

He has been awarded Sena Medal (Gallantry) on two occasions and a Vishisht Seva Medal for distinguished service by the President of India during his service in the Army.


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